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Rare Earth recycling for Europe

May 09 2016

REE4EU project: first six months progress meeting, Sweden (19-20 April)

On 19-20 April, all the partners involved in the REE4EU project met in Halmstad (Sweden), for the first six months progress meeting.

The project, funded in the frame of Horizon 2020 TOPIC SPIRE-07-2015, will realize a breakthrough innovation in the field of Recovery Technologies for Metals and other Minerals. It will make available rare earth alloys for permanent magnet production by developing, for the first time at pre-industrial scale, an efficient and cost effective method of extraction and a direct production route for rare earth alloys from in-process and end-of-life permanent magnets as well as Ni metal hydride battery waste.

The meeting focused on the projects’ updates and ongoing activities, and a video was filmed by the hosting partner STENA, showing the latest advances in the project.

Have a look at the REE4EU video!