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Rare Earth recycling for Europe

Jul 22 2024

6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congres, 11- 15 September – Seville, Spain

European Chemistry Congresses are the most relevant events for the European Chemistry community. Chemists from all parts of Europe, come together to present and discuss the latest achievements in cutting edge chemical sciences. EuCheMS congresses are unique fora to foster transnational exchange and collaboration, to encourage dialogue between the different branches of chemistry, to bring academia, industry and decision makers together and to emphasize the impact of chemistry and chemical research in our society. Special attention is given to all activities which help promote careers of young scientists.

The scientific contributions include 8 plenary lectures offered by top class world scientists and Nobel Laureates, over 100 invited speakers and around 2.000 scientific communications which conform a geographically and thematically balanced program of exciting cutting edge chemistry.

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